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It appears there's a mystery event going on in the lands of omega ruby and alpha sapphire!!

Starting today there's releasing a serperior at level 50 with the hidden ability Contrary!! Great for breeders and battling! 


Go here to learn more and get emboar and samurott!…
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Mini Casey Doll! by SuperSmashWolves
Mini Casey Doll!
Yes this may seem strange BUT I have learned the art of VOODOO!!!

Or at least the art of making string dolls XD

Anyways, so apparently these guys are a hit with the friends and family that I know and it just so happens that the first person who wanted a custom doll was my father's friend Casey! He asked to make a mini version of himself with a microphone, kaki pants, a plaid shirt and an old man hat as he described it. I went the extra mile and gave him facial hair and hair in general :3

So with him done I'm on my next custom doll, Sheldon from big bang theory for my friend Sarah at work!

What do you guys think? :3
This is what I do when I can't draw on my computer and want an excuse to be alone... also to stay up late and watch YouTube XD
Deep Freeze by SuperSmashWolves
Deep Freeze

How long has it been??


I MAISED!!! OMG IM NOT DEAD!! Neither is Kariki and his kids!! Its the miracle of winter!! ;u;

Yeh im soooooo terribly sorry for not posting kariki like, at all, for the longest time, real life's yo, its a biatchito.

Kariki, Poika and Iara belong to me
Poika and Iara are co owned by :icondi-fw: Girl are you still alive? You making me worry
Mais the species belong to and are solely created by :iconrubilight:
Yeh so... yeh.

I'm just a little messed up right now, something kinda just happened that i should of expected a while ago. nothing bad like a death or something just, something that needs to be done. I've said that i lived in a house with like 5 other people i think and now just the stresses have been too high with everyone involved and me and my father are gonna fix it by going into a place of our own. I dont know why its affecting me so much the way it is, I guess im worried the kids wont be the same or something or just whatever asdf, but yeh im just kinda out of it and just really really, off kiltered, y'know? 

I'm sorry i havent been terribly active, its mostly been my job and I still try to stay in touch with my watchers and some of the friends ive made here on DA, and im still going to, its just by the time i move, i wont know how long i'll be without internet so just a fair warning in advance, theres gonna be a time when no one will get a hold of me, so take this as a hint that i'll be on hiatus, like a legit Hiatus when the time comes, but like i said i dont know when it will happen, but sometime soon. I hope that you'll stay around and stuff, but if ya go and stuff or just leave in general im just happy you guys liked my art one way or another.

Other then that something a little fun to lighten the mood, I learned how to make them string voodoo dolls/ string dolls you see in the vending machinces! I've always wanted to learn so i got a bit of a stress reliever ^^;
If ya don't know what im talking about its these guys here…
(I actually got the one with the red cape and the black one with red strings wraped around it)

So yeh, just an update on whats happening. I'll uh, talk to you guys later when things go down eh?
  • Mood: Remorse
Oh hey its a turtle by SuperSmashWolves
Oh hey its a turtle
So I meant to have this up MONTHS ago, but forgot to take a picture of it before I left my original province XD

Now I got it and yeh, this is what I can do with paint, cool eh? My old buddy wanted me to paint her a turtle before I left her for good so I fooled around with it, I love the sheen I managed to pull off :3


SuperSmashWolves's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a Nintendo nerd who works at McDonalds and draws when she has enough time :3

Currently not uploading as much due to job and stuff BUT I do try to update ma stuffz

I draw what I want and do adoptables here and there just fer fun. I also do some animations but nothing big time, just enough for me to consider practice.

I'm 100% canadian and that's nuff said..... Oh look a butterfly~!!!

~runs off not answering anything~

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Excuse me, I saw your Bowser art studies and they look very super cute.  Can you do more Bowser art please?  I would love to see more Bowser art :///)
SuperSmashWolves Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We'll see ^^
I've been very busy with work and now the holidays but it's not the end of bowser, besides he gets me out of art blocks so you'll see more eventually :3
Animeria Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
Awesome, I can't wait because I am a very huge fan of him :love:
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Happy birthday! :party:

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Ashfkrnfg thank yuu thank yuu thank yuuuuu

//rolls around in a circle excitedly
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