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I'm an awkward Canadian who draws sometimes, and makes "voodoo dolls".... and I dabble in anything that looks interesting to do like clay, and paint and whatever else is artistic!

I play videogames (so mature) and work because hey, money supports the hobbies, even if my money is like monopoly money :3

welp... BAI!!

~~Runs away in my many balls of yarn~~


So as im getting better and better at making a variety of different types of string dolls (even the ones i haven't posted yet), I've been thinking....

Would you guys be interested if I sold them? 
Like, I'm not starting straight away, its gonna be a year or so before I really gear into it, but around my area whenever I go to buy spare supplies ( I bought 20 bucks work in dollarstore felt yesterday omg XD ), most of the clerks remember me and i dont know how many moms and kids thought it was super cool i do this, but one mom was legitimately interested in a Dinosaur one I made and was giving me advice on where i could sell them at in town and the clerk knew the lady too since she was a good business women ^^;

Its a thought that's been nibbling at me for quite a while since i sold two of them already and my family see's me post them on facebook all the time when i make one.

So if anyone knows how to use paypal in conjunction with deviantart or an alternative way that may be better, I would love to gather some info and advice on the matter (preferably in a note) and to some people who do this sort of thing and actually send stuff off to the buyers in different countries, how would that work? I live in canada so I dont quite know how the rules of mailing things work. (again, preferably in a note ^^; )

Its just something I would like to get into but only when im in a better spot and live closer to all the fancy art stores XD
And like I said, it might get serious in about a year too :3

What do you all think? Good Idea, bad idea, i'd love to know! 
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: Dubs, awesome dubs of things and stuff
  • Reading: thingsss
  • Watching: i dunno, didn't turn on the tv
  • Playing: with clay, im making a tiny dino :3
  • Eating: rice crispies with a shit ton of sugar
  • Drinking: miiillllkkkkk
Karinki by SuperSmashWolves
Dear lord I made his name a pun... and it WORKS!!
This is why i should have never been a closer, I have the weirdest thoughts at 3 in the morning XD

Buy hey! More splatoon sheet and that means I hooman Inkling'd Kariki!! And as a kid no less, seeing as how he's an adult :3
I love his hair! Even if he look's like a girl, im so sorry baby!! ;^;

I would see his outfit being a more simplified version of his adult one but more like an odd combination for a modern inkling, and he has softmoc shoes because raisins >:3

His weapon would be the inkbrush because he has the sword tail fin set but as a human he'd want something lightweight and something easy to swing around thats like a sword, so inkbrush it is, oh and he also practices off turf battles with a wooden sword because he's got to keep up his moves somehow XD
No im not copying Winter, I had this planned out for a while now since i thought up this crossover ;u;

Kariki belongs to me

Splatoon related things are owned by nintendo

Mais the species is created and owned by Rubilight:iconrubilight: and are a CLOSED SPECIES!! But come on over to the :iconthe-mais-pond: and check out this oddly adorable species, and be warned, we're getting another batch coming out soon so keep yer eyes on the lookout for them!! :3

Guys guys, look at these babies, go buy them, GO BUY THEM ALL!!! And once bought you have the lovely option of becoming a follower of the lord of blood sacrifices Cornroll. He'll offer your dargon health insurance~! :3
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: mooooooooooosic
  • Reading: comics
  • Watching: scary shit in the morning XD
  • Eating: eggs and toast yo, noice and simple
  • Drinking: miiillllkkkkk
Im a neopets player, I dont post anything about it but MAN THIS IS TOO CUTE OMFG…

This is my Jijima, he was originally gonna be my future lab rat buuuuut NOPE!! He is now a permie!!
One of my best purchases ever..... 3.1 million neopoints down the drain but i saved it all for a reason! :3

Aurora and Rubilight, plz don't kill me ;u;
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Splatoon music cuz it rocks
  • Reading: comics
  • Watching: shit thats interesting right now in the heat omfg
  • Eating: chocolate sundae ice cream with fudge, TOO HOT~!!
  • Drinking: Chocolate milk yo

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