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I'm a Nintendo nerd who works at McDonalds and draws when she has enough time :3

Currently not uploading as much due to job and stuff BUT I do try to update ma stuffz

I draw what I want and do adoptables here and there just fer fun. I also do some animations but nothing big time, just enough for me to consider practice.

I'm 100% canadian and that's nuff said..... Oh look a butterfly~!!!

~runs off not answering anything~
Stole from OceanOwlKite who used it from idunnowhere

The Essentials

Name: SuperSmashWolves (you'll nevah know my real name)
Nickname:  SmashWolf, Smash, Earwig knight, bro, lobsternator
Location: Canadia
Age: 19
Height: 5 foot 2
Zodiac sign: Doge and Scorpio
Any pets: English Springer Spainel, Tommy Cat, Soon to be German Shepard.
Favourite thing about yourself: I find i have Patience out the butt
Worst habit: Procrastination and being over analytical 

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: Imma indepententz Woman!
Sexual preference: ...... Personally i really don't know at this point :I
Romantic preference: Dunno, haven't gone out with anyone yet XD
"Kinsey Scale" score: Dont you mean kidney scale? I have both of mine thank you, you want some? I have a can of kidney beans i haven't eaten yet. :B
Relationship status: Single, and perfectly content with that ^^
Myers/Briggs type: I'm a mix of visual and auditory.


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": Night owl, definitely night owl. i can wake up early, just don't bug me and let me do my thing
Bath or shower: Shower, but i wish i had a better bathtub to take a bath in, i used to have jets in my old one and they rocked!
First thought in the morning: "hmmm, wha? Is the cat still inside? I wanna luvvvvvv herrrrrr.... zzzzz"
Last thought before falling asleep at night: "Fack is the cat outside? I don't want her to get eaten"


Do you work or are you a student: I work.. for about 2 more days, then im unemployed. USED to work at a McDicks. 
What do you do good: I rocked the table making all dem burgs and flipping and cooking dem burgs. Also Did an amazing close on the weekends, I make that grill SPARKLE!!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: School, maybe

Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: I recently BEGAN trying alcohol, but not hardly ever anything bad, just three mikes hard lime lemonade. that's all i've had since i became legal :3
Exercise: HELL NA- well umm, i dont really exercise, but i think im fine the way i am ^^
Have a go-to comfort food: Chocolate, its the food thats sweet to teh mind
Have a nervous habit: I bite my nails and stutter when im in a situation im not used to (like talking about feelings >:I

What is your favourite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): 
In Others: I dunno,i don't want to be rude if i say anything ;u;
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): Ehhhhh, its out of wack lately, turning into a proper adult is a bitch
Food: SEAFOOD, all the seafood in the oceans!!
Drink: Chocolate milk/almond milk, orange juice, tea infusions, Sussex golden ginger ale, milk, pink/yellow/lime lemonade, pap of a variety of kinds
Animal: Pangolin, and others i cant remember, i got a lot of animals i like :3
Artist/Band/Group: Nothing specific
TV Show: Whats a T.V nowadays?
ress: wut?
Blogger: Nahh i don't, i DO watch a VLOGGER, but thats about it

To be honest i finished this a while ago, i just didnt have time to post it XD
I love this one~!! ;3

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Meh
  • Watching: The Dark Knight on my psp
  • Playing: Pokemon X, getting them shinies!
  • Eating: Poutine from Costco
  • Drinking: gingerale

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